Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Welcome to my Creation Room

I want to welcome you all to my creation room.  It's going to be a place where things happen.  It is a real place and it's origin's are eternal.  I would like to invite you on a journey. We will be exploring the realms of heaven and bringing them into the natural reality of this earth existence.  If you would like to go with me, you are welcome.  There are only two requirements. One will be faith.  Without faith you cannot go!!  If you have no faith, please stay earthside.  If you have faith as small as a mustard seed you will be able to go on this journey with me.  Life as you know it will never be the same.  How can it?  When you see the things that we will see something inside you will have to change.  So you must have faith.  One more prerequisite will be you must become like a child.  You will not be able to see this Kingdom without a child's heart.  Children do not question first and experience at another time. They jump in with all they have and questions arise on the journey.  Questions are good.  But first look, listen and then ask.  Children have no fear.  They are Warriors and Samurais.  They are Cowboys and Indians.  Their world is not stopped by impossible thoughts.  They can do anything and so can we!!  So you must become like a little child.

Now you can get excited, you are embarking on the precipice of a whole new world and life is just about to shift and what was will no longer be.  It's the realities of heaven and it is available to all who believe.

Thank you for considering this journey.  You will be able to buy your tickets soon.  Remember two things are needed and will be required, faith and a childlike heart!!

Stay tuned for further details.

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