Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Found My FACE

Space has not enough room for me.
I must stretch past all bounds and borders.
I wasn't made from the seen substance, so I can't remain within view.
I won't tell you where I am going.
I haven't been there yet.
My journey is for me to see and I accept it fully.

I windup my propellers and I let them go.
The sound of light is within view.
Observers want to stop me because they are afraid to explore.
I won't blame them because once I was them.

I found my face and the beauty I see is wooing me.
I looked beyond the outward and found galaxies.
It's a chilling reality but I am compelled to want more.
I found the door and there is no floor.
I am walking on what isn't but somehow it is.
This land is my land and I lay claim to my portion.
I won't let something define me that is not from this Country.
I am too vast to be contained, to beautiful to be blemished and to valuable to be mis-handled.
I treasure my exsistance and I unfurl my worlds.
My life came from The Almighty One and I am nothing but perfect.
I make music from this ecstasy and create masterpieces from this visual display.
I am a freeborn spirit and freely I give what is inside of me.

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